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CATIM eBulletin

Empower the industry, strengthen competitiveness and boost growth based on knowledge and innovation


Safeguarding the values described in its mission and as a Technological Interface Center, CATIM has made efforts to articulate its services with strategies of a collective nature, establishing partnerships with various national and foreign entities, integrating value chains and international knowledge networks. , with the objective of valuing and transferring technical, scientific, technological and regulatory knowledge, resulting in efficiency gains and increased levels of competitiveness and internationalization for all those who use this Technological Centre.


The CATIM eBoletim reinforces this role, allowing the discussion of current issues, as well as the sharing of content that proves to be of crucial interest for the competitiveness of the sector.

In turn, the CATIM eBoletim also includes diverse information related to actions for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge, training, standardization, among other activities developed by CATIM.


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