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The SMARTLSF project aims to develop an innovative cold-formed steel profile to be used in LSF constructions. The final system will have the unique characteristic of being dynamic in three dimensions through the development of extensible profiles and composite components integrated in the LSF structure. The SMARTLSF project also aims to contribute to improving the sustainability, efficiency and economy of the LSF building system.

Within the scope of the SMARTLSF project, the intention is to develop a dynamic and innovative light steel system, which overcomes the limitations associated with the use of commercial profiles in an effective way and which promotes the sustainability, flexibility and effectiveness of the LSF constructive system. The project will explore different lines of investigation to obtain the final system, such as:

  1. Extendable metal profile;

  2. Composite components;

  3. Constructive system.



The project's main objectives are:  

  1. Development of an extensible profile, which allows the LSF elements to be introduced to easily adjust to the particularities and requirements of the project, without the need for multiple cuts and connections between profiles or splices;

  2. Development of a composite component, which works as a connector for the profiles and which, when integrated with the LSF structure, allows reducing thermal bridges, extensibility in the zz direction and monitoring the thermal and mechanical behavior of the structure;

  3. Development of the constructive system, which is dynamic in three dimensions and which facilitates its transport and installation.

Casa moderna

Project number:  POCI-01-0247-FEDER-039955

Project duration:  September 2019 to August 2022

Eligible cost:  1,261,360.76 €

ERDF financial support:  €920,929.59

Measure:  SI Corporate R&DT - Co-promotion

Intervention region:  North/Center  

Promoters:  SUCOREMA, CeNTI, CATIM, University of Aveiro, ITeCons

O projeto tem como

objetivos principais: 

  1. Desenvolvimento de um perfil extensível, que permita que os elementos em LSF a introduzir se ajustem facilmente às particularidades e exigências de projeto, sem necessidade de múltiplos cortes e conexões entre perfis ou emendas;

  2. Desenvolvimento de um componente compósito, que funcione como conector dos perfis e que quando integrados com a estrutura LSF permitam reduzir as pontes térmicas, a extensibilidade na direção zz e monitorizar o comportamento térmico e mecânico da estrutura;

  3. Desenvolvimento do sistema construtivo, que seja dinâmico nas três dimensões e que facilite o seu transporte e instalação.

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