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The SIMME project - System for Intelligent Management of Measuring Equipment, aims to provide an intelligent and advanced solution to assist the management of Measuring and Monitoring Equipment (EMM's) thus overcoming the difficulties and constraints that industrial companies have frequently reported in this domain. . With this solution, it is intended to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Prevent the use of equipment that is not suitable for the intended purpose, which would lead to unreliable results, which would compromise the correct assessment of the conformity of the products;

  • Increase in productive efficiency by reducing wrong decisions in the conformity assessment of products;

  • Assist in the definition of calibration intervals that ensure the minimization of the risk of the EMM being unfit for its intended purpose between consecutive calibrations;

  • Reduction of errors in metrological confirmation of calibration results and consequent approval decision;

  • Ensure traceability of measurements, through periodic calibration of all EMMs relevant to control and inspection activities;

  • Periodically monitor the status of the EMM to verify the need to anticipate the next calibration period, avoiding its misuse;

  • Reduction of the time associated with the management of EMMs, promoting the automation of this process through confidence in the management support functions to be incorporated into the system.


The SIMME - System for Intelligent Management of Measuring Equipment project is structured in 8 activities with a logical sequence.

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Approved by the Northern Regional Operational Program (Norte2020), supported by the FEDER under the Notice 17/SI/2019, the SIMME - System for Intelligent Management of Measuring Equipment project is a project in consortium consisting of two companies, EGITRON - Engenharia and Industrial Automation Ltd. Project leader and SOCORI - Sociedade de Cortiças de Riomeão SA, and by two entities of the National Scientific and Technological System, CATIM and Universidade do Minho.

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