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Project File

Project File


Accelerate the digital transformation in companies and introduce/improve procedures that allow increasing the quality and innovation of products and/or services, through the provision of knowledge and support tools, in order to provide companies with the mindset, know-how and tools necessary to adapt its modus operandi to the digital age.

1. Interactive Platform

Development of a digital platform that uses non-Immersive Virtual Reality technology and that will allow the user to have an interactive experience, facilitating access to information and content of interest, which will also assume different formats.

2. Organization and Implementation of Awareness, Information and Demonstration Actions

Interaction and knowledge transfer initiatives with a view to its economic valorisation, including network activities, national and international promotion.

3. Promotion and Dissemination of Project Activities and Results

Actions for the dissemination and dissemination of new knowledge and technologies generated within the scope of R&D, for the business fabric, involving pilot projects, demonstrations, sectoral experimentation actions or actions for the dissemination of scientific and technological information.

4. Preparation of Studies, Research and Diagnostics

Promotion of initiatives that, while not within the scope of current activity, encourage the acquisition and production of relevant information in the context of the valorisation and transfer of technology, namely roadmapping and technological surveillance.

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