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Project Description
Consolidate the objectives that have presided over CATIM's activity, namely, the intensification of technological and regulatory surveillance activities, transfer of knowledge and technological innovation, internationalization and promotion of the digitization of the economy, the circular economy and energy efficiency.

1. Positioning of the Technology Center

- Awareness actions

- Innovation & Internationalization

2. Cooperation with ES and R&D Units

Collaboration, International Exchange, National Collaborative Projects

3. Training & Internationalization 

Exchange with international counterparts, Training in International Institutions, International Collaborative Projects, Integration in Value Chains and International Networks 

4. New Skills

- Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy, Digital Transformation

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CATIM'19 Open Day Braga
June 5, 2019

On June 5, 2019, an Open Day was held at CATIM's premises in Braga under the CATIM-FITEC project. This session focused on the areas of dimensional measurement using coordinate measurement technologies and Metrotomography, where attendees had the opportunity to experience the various phases of using these technologies applied to dimensional metrology and potential application areas.

CATIM'19 Conference & Open Day
June 12 , 2019

On June 12, the CATIM'19 Conference & Open Day Session took place at CATIM Porto.

The main objective of this session was the transfer of knowledge in CATIM's areas of competence.


The first panel, moderated by Eng. Francisco Alba, and with the participation of Cláudia Pires, Marta Mendes and Alexandra Peixoto from the Quality and Innovation Unit of this Center, addressed the themes of Risk Analysis, FMEA and the importance of standardization in the industrial context.

The second part of the session was attended by Luis Rocha and Fernando Ferreira, presenting their testimonies regarding the activities developed in the WINGS+ project " Training in Large Scale Metrology ", a project coordinated by CATIM and in partnership with the University of Huddersfield (UK ), University of Padova (IT), CMTrain (CH), NTB (CH), and with a presentation entitled "Innovation in Training Model: "Geometrical Quality Control and Large Scale Metrology" in the Aeronautical Industry".

The last intervention was carried out by Marta Sousa from the Environment and Safety Unit of CATIM, with an intervention on the theme Ergonomics.

In the afternoon, there was a visit to the CATIM laboratories, where participants had the opportunity to watch in loco the activities developed in each one.


Implementation of risk management in Quality and Production

The importance of standardization in conformity assessment

FMEA, Evolution of modal failure analysis and its effects

Geometrical Quality Control and Large Scale
Metrology  in the Aeronautical Industry (WINGS+ Project)

Ergonomics - Load handling and adopted postures: assessments and solutions

QSP Summit 2019

On the 21st and 22nd of March of this year,  CATIM participated in the 13th edition of the QSP Summit, one of the most relevant and prestigious Marketing and Management Conferences in Europe, with a presentation  in a stand subordinate to  theme of Additive Manufacturing Technology, also highlighting its role as an Interface Entity  between the National Scientific and Technological System and Companies. 


Assessment of Psychosocial Risks in Industry | Dr. Cláudia Fernandes - CATIM

Global Production Networks: An Introduction to Definition and Operation | Eng. Luís Rocha - CATIM

The importance of standardization in conformity assessment | Alexandra Peixoto - CATIM

University of Minho Materials Engineering Student Nucleus| V Journeys of Materials

Talk | Additive Manufacturing

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