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Green Pipeline Project

Led by Galp Gás Natural Distribuição (GGND) and financed by the Innovation Support Fund (FAI), the Green Pipeline Project aims to gradually inject green hydrogen into Seixal's natural gas network.

Green hydrogen, a 100% renewable fuel, will be produced at the Seixal Industrial Park, in the district of Setúbal, through a partnership between GGND and the Portuguese company Gestene.

The project will cover 80 residential, tertiary and industrial customers who, from January 2022, will start receiving a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen.

Initially, 2% of hydrogen will be injected into the natural gas network, a percentage that will be gradually increased until reaching a maximum of 20%.

This project has the participation of several partners, including CATIM, helping to monitor and follow up the entire process, in order to ensure that this project can be an example of good practices for other projects that will certainly take place. in the future, both nationally and internationally.


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