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Project Description
The Add.Value@SME project aims to enhance and transfer scientific and technological knowledge to SMEs in the Lisbon region, within the scope of industrial metrology and based on quality-oriented management. For this purpose, prior technological training of the CATIM nucleus in Lisbon is foreseen, bringing together the skills and capacities necessary to implement a set of awareness-raising and transfer actions.



1.  Training through Requalification and
Technological equipment

Capacity building of the laboratory area, with the acquisition of new technologies and the hiring of qualified human resources and specialized services

two.  Production of Technical-Scientific Content 

Production of technical information and various content on the topics under study.

3. Awareness and Knowledge Transfer Actions 

Flows of knowledge and technology between the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN) and the business fabric

4.  Dissemination of Project Results

(i) Project website;
(ii) Microsite 
(iii) Technical-Scientific Article 
(iv) Production of flyers

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