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The project  Think Industry i4.0 has as its main objective the attraction of young people to the industry, demonstrating attractive professional development opportunities and giving them access to motivating experiences.


With dynamic activities, the project works at the level of awareness, attraction and training of young people from the 3rd cycle of basic and secondary education, in the areas of knowledge and professionals in the scope of IoT (Internet of Things), technologies, digitization, innovation, entrepreneurship, design and creativity, decarbonization and energy transition, circular economy and sustainability.


This new edition focuses on Industry 4.0 through four main activities:

• Awareness Sessions with Demonstration of Industrial Technologies i4.0 (lectures at Schools);

• i4.0 Technology Laboratories and Immersion Visits to Companies and i4.0 Demonstration Centers;

• i4.0 Digital Tools Contest and F1 in Schools entrepreneurship;

• National IoT Contest This is an idea.


Think Industry i4.0 is supported by  It is 2020, within the scope of the SIAC measure - Support System for Collective Actions - Promotion of the Entrepreneurial Spirit, and involves a consortium of seven Technological Centers:  CITEVE, CATIM, CENTIMFE, CTCOR, CTCP, CTCV  and  CTIC.


  • Awareness sessions with demonstration of i4.0 technologies

Promotion of lectures, demonstration and experimentation actions on Industry 4.0 to be carried out in schools, using "transportable" equipment alluding to digitization and other technologies of Industry 4.0. Due to the contingencies caused by COVID-19, these sessions can be held in a web environment using videos and interactive exercises.


  • i4.0 Technology Laboratories

Promotion of demonstration sessions in laboratories and/or productive or prototyping contexts to increase a critical and creative spirit in young people. Topics such as Robotics, 3D Modeling, Prototyping, Nanotechnology, Digitization, Sustainability, Circular Economy, among others, will be addressed.


  • Immersion visits to companies/demonstrators centers

This activity includes immersion visits to companies, entrepreneurial ecosystems, sector fairs or exhibitions, innovation centers and higher education institutions or eventual TED talks, where it is possible to demonstrate i4.0 concepts and technologies, integrated in research, development and innovation and/or in industrial processes.


  • i4.0 digital tools and entrepreneurship contests: F1 in Schools

The multidisciplinary international competition, where teams of young people compete against each other, in the construction of a miniature Formula 1 car, according to specific regulations, taking into account the success factors of a technology-based company (technologies, additive manufacturing, communication, management, marketing and entrepreneurship).


  • National IoT Contest "This is an idea"

National competition for the presentation of smart and feasible ideas/solutions based on IoT (internet of things), where young people are challenged to design a new solution with internet connection, which makes everyday life smarter and simpler and that preferably also contributes for sustainability.

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