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01.02.2022 and 10.02.2022

Cycle of ONLINE Workshops: MetalshoeFabLab

Within the scope of the Metalshoe FabLab Network project, the CTCP - Technological Center for Footwear in Portugal and CATIM - Technological Support Center for the Metalworking Industry will promote a cycle of ONLINE Workshops.

This cycle consists of 2 Workshops, scheduled for the 1st and 10th of February at 2:30 pm, where the topics of digitalization of manufacturing and management processes and the automation and autonomy of machines will be addressed. Specialists from both industries will discuss important aspects related to these themes and their connection to the two sectors.


1 February | 14:30H - Workshop: Digitization of manufacturing and management processes - strategy for performance improvement

Moving the management and control of processes from the physical world to the digital world raises questions and challenges for companies.

This workshop will discuss digitization strategies, obstacles in their application and possible paths to successful implementation. We will therefore count on the participation of several speakers with knowledge and experience in this topic.

10 February |14:30H - Workshop: Automation and autonomy of machines/ Automation and autonomy of machines

Will industrial machines be able to learn automatically? Will they be able to become autonomous enough and able to reconfigure themselves to adapt to new production tasks? Will they be able to communicate with each other to optimize processes?

In this event, under the theme “Automation and autonomy of machines”, these and other related questions will be addressed by national and international experts who were invited to contribute with their knowledge and experience, in order to find answers.

To be announced soon

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